27 August 2012

AGM - 24th October

The Midland Vets AGM will take place on Wednesday 24th October at Balbirnie Golf Club at 11.30am with lunch to follow.  All welcome.  Sign up at Alloa, or e mail Alison if you are able to come.  Thank you.

Draw for Autumn Meeting at Alloa Golf Club on Friday 7th September

Draw for the Autumn Meeting at Alloa Golf Club on Friday 7th September
9.15 - L McAinsh, J Mulgrew, J King
9.22 - F Campbell, W MacCallum, E Leisk
9.30 - C Malcolm, G Jenkins, M Glennie
9.37 - D Reid, V Purdie, M Steele
9.45 - E Perry, K Jarvie, J Hillis
9.52 - A Miller, J Smith, S Travers
10.00 - J Blyth, M Begbie, A Houston
10.07 - K Webster, S Quinn, R Scott
10.15 - C Farmer, K Keir, F Liddle
10.22 - L McDonald, C Kenny, G Wallace
10.30 - M Tough, L Dyball, E Allison
10.37 - C Steedman, B Brown, L McGraw
10.45 - J Lang, S Hartley, I Harvey
10.52 - L Fertacz, E Wilson, J Bald
11.00 - E Arkley, L Milligan, V Milne
11.07 - D Whytock, S Durward, M Hunter
11.15 - L Mailer, H Gibson, D Dunn
11.22 - J Lawson, M Chapman, P Kelly
11.30 - J Beaton, I Robertson, P Cockshoot
11.37 - J Connelly, H Dalgleish, A McGregor
11.45 - A Hampton, A McLanaghan, S Christie
11.52 - S Johnston, R Graham, S Mitchell
12.00 - H Lang, P Hebner, A Crossland
12.07 - L Cunningham, D Peterson, M Macrae
12.15 - E Mathewson, S Service,
12.22 - F Glass, M McPherson
12.30 - J Nisbet, C Reekie, C Webb
12.37 - M Muncey, L Jones, S Ogg

Or download the draw here

Please contact Alison on 01577 866898 or 07714 245173 or e mail at alisonmhouston@yahoo.co.uk if you think you have been either ommitted or included in the draw in error, or for any other queries.  Due to many entries being carried forward from the re-scheduled Spring Meeting for ladies who were unable to play on 23rd August, there may be some anomalies!

23 August 2012

Re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder - 23rd August 2012

84 Midland Vets enjoyed very pleasant conditions today for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder.  There were only a few very light showers, and those out later in the day managed to play round with no rain at all!  We all had the added bonus of a free viewing of the Johnnie Walker pros playing the 16th hole on the PGA Centenary Course.  We might even feature on the TV?!

The competition was Reduction Only with a CSS of 73 - for those who played well enough to merit a reduction in their handicap (Margaret T, Heather, Fiona and Margaret H) - well done!

Winner of the Allan Cup and Captain's Prize - Margaret Tough - 70.

Scratch Winner - Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) - 74
Scratch Runner-Up - Fiona de Vries(St Rule) - 75
Division 1
1 - Margaret Tough(Falkirk) - 75-5=70
2 - Sandy Bushby(Blairgowrie) - 83-10=73
3 - Sheila Hartley(Braehead) - 84-10=74 bih
Division 2
1 - Margaret Hunter(Blairgowrie) - 88-16=72
2 - Liz Fertacz(Blairgowrie) - 87-14=73
3 - Helen Campbell(Pitreavie) - 88-14=74 bih
Division 3
1 - Ann Lunan(Ladybank) - 95-21=74
2 - Kate McAlpine(Dunblane) - 97-21=76

Thank you to Auchterarder for their hospitality.  Ladies, remember to get your entries in for the Autumn Meeting at Alloa Schawpark on Friday 7th September - the closing date is this Sunday 26th August.  Also remember that our AGM is on Wednesday 24th October at Balbirnie Golf Club.  If you haven't already let us know that you can come, please sign up at Schawpark on the 7th September, or drop Alison an e mail at alisonmhouston@yahoo.co.uk

Please also note that a sand wedge was lost during the day, probably at the 12th green.  If anyone has picked it up meaning to hand it in, and has mistakenly taken it home, please contact Jaci Connally on 01337 830085.  It is a Callaway X20 Sand Wedge.  Thank you.

15 August 2012

Draw for Re-Arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August

Here is the draw for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder
9.20 - J Muir, F Glass, C Irving
9.28 - L Childs, L McGraw, L Fertacz
9.36 - J Peden, M Curran, W MacCallum
9.44 - K Webster, M Tough, G Wallace
9.52 - H Anderson, L Dyball, L McDonald
10.00 - N Fleming, A Chisholm, F Liddle
10.08 - J Murdoch, E Hutcheon, S Bushby
10.16 - D Peterson, J Smith, J King
10.24 - E Wilson, M Begbie, L Fleming
10.32 - M Wilson, J Blyth, C Steedman
10.40 - N McLaren, O O'Sullivan, A Miller
10.48 - L Sommerville, V Purdie, J Hillis
10.56 - L McAinsh, M McPherson, F Campbell
11.04 - H Campbell, D Dunn, L Kyle
11.12 - J Knight, E Perry, C Reekie
11.20 - M Muncey, B Macleod, R Didcock
11.28 - K McKellar, M Glennie, C Malcolm
11.36 - A Hampton, M MacLeod, M Seymour
11.44 - S Johnston, S Travers, S Hartley
11.52 - A More, E Matthewson, M Hunter
12.00 - A Buchan, C Peebles, P Kelly
12.08 - K Keir, C Kenny, I Harvey
12.16 - L Jones, A Lunan, S Ersking
12.24 - S Yuill, A Crossland, P Cockshoot
12.32 - A Hood, J Connally, E Arkley
12.40 - S Robertson, S Service, L Milligan
12.48 - K Jarvie, A Hunter, K McAlpine
12.56 - J Gordon, R Graham, G Haines
13.04 - S Durward, J Nisbet, A McGregor
13.12 - E Wallace, A Houston, J Mulgrew
Or look at the draw here:  Draw

Hopefully all those who wish to play in this re-arranged meeting have been included, and those who were not able to play at the re-arranged date have not, but if there are any problems with the draw, please contact me(Alison) at 07714 245173 and I will try and accommodate you.

13 August 2012

Re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder - 23rd August

The draw for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August will be published on Wednesday 15th August on this web site.

The closing date for the Autumn Meeting at Alloa is Sunday 26th August, so please send in your entries soon.  Entries to Alison, 6 Craigowmill, Kinross, KY13 0RT.

9 August 2012

Scottish Vets at the Hirsel

The Scottish Vets ended the Vets Jamboree at the Hirsel in 4th position.  The North of England won the Miller Stirling Salver by beating the South of England today by 5.5  to 3.5.   North had beaten each of the other three teams over the three days.  South of England were second and won the Tony Moffat Quaich. Midlands took third place.

8 August 2012

Midland Vets play in Scottish Vets Team at Hirsel

Lorna and Fiona
Fiona de Vries, Lorna Bennett and Heather Anderson are part of the Scottish Vets Team playing in the Vets Jamboree at the Hirsel this week.  Scotland was beaten today by South 3-6 having lost yesterday to North 4-5.  Good luck tomorrow!

The gallery watches Heather play the 18th

Emma and Liz supporting the Scottish team

6 August 2012

Re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on 23rd August

The draw for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August will be made this weekend and published early next week.

If there are any last minute entries (or withdrawals!) please let Alison know as soon as possible - 01577 866898.  Thank you.