27 October 2010

Midland Vets AGM

The Midland Vets AGM took place today (Wednesday 27 October) at Blairgowrie Golf Club. Captain Emma Wilson reported on an excellent year for both our Division, and Senior Ladies Golf in Scotland. The committee for 2011 is
President - Liz Miskimmin (Dunblane)
Captain - Emma Wilson (Elie & Earlsferry)
Vice-Captain - Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk)
Secretary - Alison Houston (Milnathort)
Treasurer - Liz Jones (Burntisland)
Committee Members - Jane Beaton (Ladybank), Liz Fertacz (Blairgowrie), Rose Graham (Stirling)

For Minutes of the Meeting click here.

28 September 2010

Midland Vets AGM

Remember that the AGM and lunch will take place at Blairgowrie Golf Club on Wednesday 27 October at 11.30am. If you haven't already put your name on the attendance list, please phone or e mail Alison so that we can organise the catering.

This year for the first time you will be able to pay your next year's annual subscription at the AGM. There will be no increase on last year's rate - the sub for 2011 will be £10. So to save worrying about paying at the beginning of the year - bring an extra £10 with you to the AGM, and that will be next year's sub taken care of!

20 September 2010

SVLGA Blairgowrie Meeting

The Patrick Rosebowl for the best overall nett score was won by Moira Begbie of Ladybank with an excellent score of 72. Midland Vets came second to North Vets in the Lyon Trophy (awarded to the Divisional Team recording the best 3 nett scores). No other Vets featured in Monday's prize list, but they are full of good intentions to feature in the prize list of Tuesday's Greensomes competition! The CSS for Monday's strokeplay was 76.

SVLGA Championship

The SVLGA Inter-Divisional Championship was played yesterday and today at Blairgowrie. Our champion, Fiona de Vries beat Pearl Beattie in the quarter finals yesterday, but was unfortunately beaten in the semi-finals this morning by May Hughes of West Division. May was beaten in the final this afternoon by Karen Ballantyne of East Division.

10 September 2010

Midland Vets AGM

The Midland Vets AGM will take place on Wednesday 27 October at 11.30 am at Blairgowrie Golf Club, followed by lunch.

If you have not already signed the sheet, please let Alison know, either by e mail or phone, that you wish to attend, so that catering can be organised. The cost for the lunch, including tip, will be £12.

Autumn Meeting at Aberdour

55 Midland Vets competed for the Patrick Rosebowl, Senior Trophy and Owl Trophy today at a very wet (until lunchtime anyway) Aberdour. The scoring was mainly high, but due to a few good scores, the competition was counting and the CSS went up to 71.

The Patrick Rosebowl (Scratch trophy) was won by Rosemary Scott, the Senior Trophy by Doris Reid and the Owl Trophy by Joyce Smith.

Best Scratch - Rosemary Scott (Aberdour) - 80
Division 1
1st - Fiona Farquharson (King James VI) - 81-9=72
2nd - Nan Morrison (Dunblane) - 84-11=73
Division 2
1st - Joyce Smith (Dunfermline) - 83-14=69
2nd - Jill Montgomery(Dunblane) - 87-17=70
Division 3
Doris Reid (Tillicoultry) - 91-23=68

Scotland win Home Internationals

Scotland has won the Womens'Home Internationals for the first time in 19 years at Whitchurch, Wales - and our Midland Vets Captain, Emma Wilson and Vice-Captain Winifred MacCallum were there supporting the team. Many congratulations to the Scottish Team.

5 September 2010

Scotland Seniors Win

The Scotland team have won the European Senior Ladies Team Championship in Berlin, beating number one seeds England in the final. Congratulations to the team, and especially Midland Vets team members Fiona de Vries and Lorna Bennett. For further information see East Vets website

31 August 2010

Draw for Autumn Meeting at Aberdour - Friday 10 September

The Autumn Meeting will be held at Aberdour on Friday 10 September

9.03 - R Scott, J Peden, M Tough
9.13 - J Smith, B Brown, C Irving
9.23 - L Fertacz, A More, A Sinclair
9.33 - A Chisholm, F Liddle, F Farquharson
9.43 - A Wilson, L Dyball, G Wallace
9.53 - A Moffat, S Travers, S Bushby
10.03 - J Pirie, L Mailer, L McAinsh
10.13 - M Seymour, M Chapman, E Wallace
10.23 - M Watson, E Harrild, L Sommerville
10.33 - S Mitchell, J Muir, D Whytock
10.43 - H Dalgleish, L McGraw, F Johnston
10.53 - N Morrison, M McPherson, K McKellar
11.03 - D Dunn, E Arkley, F Campbell
11.13 - S Erskine, D Wallace, E Perry
11.23 - A Hood, C Malcolm D Reid
11.33 - S Christie, A Buchan, M McLeod
11.43 - J Bald, A Houston
11.53 - H Brown, P Kelly, E Jones
12.03 - D Bennett, A Crossland, M Dingwall
12.13 - P Cockshoot, J Lawson, M Muncey
12.23 - C Reekie, J Gordon, S Durward
12.33 - N Hunter, H Lamond, J Pringle
12.43 - N Miller, N Gray

25 August 2010

Midland Vets in Berlin

Our best wishes to Lorna Bennett and Fiona de Vries who are part of the Scottish 6 person team playing in the Senior European Team Championship in Berlin commencing on Wednesday 1 September. For further details, click on the East Vets web site

16 August 2010

Autumn Meeting at Aberdour

The final Midland Vets Meeting of 2010 is at Aberdour on Friday 10 September. The closing date for entries is Sunday 29 August, so please forward your entry to Alison Houston, Secretary, as soon as possible.

Thornton Greensomes - Monday 16 August

Midland Vets had an excellent day at Thornton - no rain and a lovely flat course with just a few trees, and a little water!

Some members managed excellent scores. Winners were:
1st - Linda Mailer & Dot Whytock - King James VI
2nd - Helen Thomson & Raye Rickard - Falkirk
3rd - Jean Bald & Rosemary Scott - Aberdour

All scored 39 Stableford points, the order having to be decided on count-back.

2 August 2010

Draw for Greensomes at Thornton on Monday 16 August

9.30 - J Lawson & N Gray, M Muncey & C Reekie
9.39 - W MacCallum & M Tough, M Curran & C Steedman
9.48 - J Blyth & L Dyball, K Keir & L Cunningham
9.57 - S Robertson & L McGraw, S Yuill & E Jones
10.06 - E Wilson & V Milne, M Thomson & D Dunn
10.15 - M Malcolm & J Ritchie, D Davidson & J Mulgrew
10.24 - L Childs & H Brown, H Thomson & R Rickard
10.33 - K McAlpine & J Muir, H Campbell & J Knight
10.42 - L Fertacz & M McPherson, J Smith & A Chisholm
10.51 - G Wallace & N Fleming, A Wilson & E Martin
11.00 - C Irving & J Flannigan, E Milligan & C Kenny
11.09 - M Hope & S Bushby, R Scott & J Bald
11.18 - G Haines & K Duncan, J Gordon & S Durward
11.27 - J King & H Lamond, S Mitchell & H Dalgleish
11.36 - E Perry & D Reid, S Christie & D Wallace
11.45 - M Forsyth & M Fairbairn, A McGregor & K Jarvie
11.54 - L Crabbie & A Houston, L Mailer & D Whytock
12.03 - F Scott & S Dixon, J Pringle & E Harrild
12.12 - J Kennedy & M Steele, S Cooper & K Carruthers
12.19 - P Hebner & M Chapman, E Arkley & A Hunter
12.28 - R Graham & S Quinn, F Johnston & J French
12.37 - M Watson & I Robertson, M MacLeod & P Kelly
12.46 - I Murray & M Ritchie, E Wallace & A Crossland
12.55 - A Hood & S Erskine, K McKay & M Forbes

26 July 2010


If you think you might need some practice for the Greensomes at Thornton on Monday 16 August, committee member Liz Fertacz suggests that you might like to enter the Greensomes at Aberfeldy on Saturday 14 August. Contact Liz Franklin on 01887 829661.

There are still places available for our Midland Vets Greensomes at Thornton. Send your entry to the Secretary before the closing date on Sunday 1 August.

24 July 2010

Midland Vets in Scottish Team

Congratulations to Lorna Bennett and Fiona de Vries who have been named as members of the Scottish team for the European Senior Ladies Team Championship at Sporting Club Berlin from 1 - 4 September.

Other members of the team are Heather Anderson(Alyth), Anne Ryan(Tain), Moira Smith(Tain) and Moira Thomson(Gullane Ladies). Reserves are Noreen Fenton(Dunbar) and Fiona Hunte(Baberton). The team captain is Pamela Williamson(Baberton)

19 July 2010

Scottish Veteran's Team for Vets Jamboree

Congratulations to Midland Vets Fiona de Vries and Lorna Bennett who have been selected for the Scottish Veterans' Team to play at the Vets Jamboree at Seascale from 3rd - 5th August.

The team is: Heather Anderson (Alyth), Lorna Bennett(Ladybank), Fiona de Vries(St Rule), Noreen Fenton(Dunbar), May Hughes(Lanark), Anne Ryan(Tain), Mary Smith(Tain), Moira Thomson(Gullane Ladies). The team captain is Pamela Williamson(Baberton)

18 July 2010

Stableford Greensomes - Thornton - 16th August

The next Midland Vets Meeting is on Monday 16th August at Thornton when the format is a Stableford Greensomes. The closing date for entries is Sunday 1st August, so get your entries in now - entries to the Hon. Secretary, Alison Houston along with fee of £12 per couple.

3 July 2010

Scottish Seniors Champion

Congratulations to Midland Vet Fiona de Vries who won the Scottish Seniors Matchplay Title at Fortrose and Rosemarkie on Friday. Fiona beat Heather Anderson by 1 up. Heather had won the Strokeplay title earlier in the week.

23 June 2010

Midland Vets Champion

Fiona de Vries is the 2010 Midland Vets Champion. Fiona beat Lorna Bennett by 2 holes at Strathmore this afternoon.

Congratulations Fiona

Championship Semi-Finals

The results of the semi-finals of the Midland Vets Championship at Strathmore this morning are:

Lorna Bennett beat Margaret Tough - 1 up

Fiona de Vries beat Bev Brown - 6 & 4

22 June 2010

Championship Quarter Finals

The quarter finals of the Midland Vets Championship were played this afternoon. Results were:
Lorna Bennett beat Winifred MacCallum 3 & 2
Margaret Tough beat Gillian Wallace 2 & 1
Bev Brown beat Lynda Dyball 1 up
Fiona de Vries beat Norma Fleming 7 & 6

Lorna, Captain Emma and Winifred

Margaret, Captain Emma and Gillian

Linda, Captain Emma and Bev

Fiona, Captain Emma and Norma

Summer Meeting / Championship Qualifier at Strathmore

The Midland Vets Summer Meeting for the Donaldson Quaich and the Championship Qualifier took place today at a very sunny Strathmore. The committee were considering taking water out to those on the course, but a slight breeze got up which cooled everyone down a little! The CSS was 72 (Par 72, SS 72)

The winner of the Donaldson Quaich was Catherine Irving(Blairgowrie) with an excellent nett score of 69. The runner-up was Bev Brown of St Rule with 70 (bih).

Other results:
Scratch - 1st - Lorna Bennett - 75, 2nd - Fiona de Vries - 77 (better last 3)
Division 1 - 1st - Bev Brown 81-11=70 bih, 2nd - Alison Houston 78-8=70, 3rd - Linda Dyball 77-5=72
Division 2 - 1st - Catherine Irving 82-13=69, 2nd - Joyce Mulgrew 85-14=71(better last 6), 3rd Rose Graham 85-14=71
Division 3 - 1st Myra MacLeod 95-21=74

Qualifiers for the Championship:
Lorna Bennett - 75
Fiona de Vries - 77
Linda Dyball - 77
Margaret Tough - 79
Gillian Wallace - 79
Bev Brown - 81
Norma Fleming - 83
Winifred MacCallum - 83

8 June 2010

Draw for Summer Meeting / Championship at Strathmore

Here is the draw for the Summer Meeting / Championship at Strathmore on Tuesday 22 June.
9.15 - L Bennett, F De Vries, M Tough
9.22 - L Dyball, L McDonald, G Wallace
9.30 - K Keir, F Liddle, S Bushby
9.37 - A Chisholm, M Hope, S Quinn
9.45 - E Wilson, N Fleming, I Harvey
9.52 - A Moffat, A Houston, A Wilson
10.00 - F Farquharson, W MacCallum, S Travers
10.07 - J Bald, M Begbie, B Brown
10.15 - J Lang, L Fertacz, A Sinclair
10.22 - H Gibson, A More, C Irving
10.30 - J Mulgrew, A Robertson, L Mailer
10.37 - M McPherson, J Smith, R Graham
10.45 - D Dunn, M Seymour, E Martin
10.52 - A McGregor, S Cooper, E Milligan
11.00 - K Jarvie, J Montgomery, M Glennie
11.07 - G Haines, K Carruthers, R Fraser
11.15 - D Wallace, C Malcolm, E Harrild
11.22 - E Perry, J Lawson, M McLeod
11.30 - S Christie, L Sommerville, E Whyte
11.37 - D Reid, A Hunter, P Kelly
11.45 - A Taggart, M Muncey, I Robertson
11.52 - A Crossland, N Gray
12.00 - P Cockshoot, J Beaton

Please remember to let us know on the day whether you are available to play in the championship rounds:
Quarter Finals - 4.00 on Tuesday 22nd
Semi Finals - 10.00 on Wednesday 23rd
Final - 3.00 on Wednesday 23rd.

7 June 2010

Midland Vets Match with West Vets

(images courtesy of Carol Fell of West Vets)

Midland Vets ladies played for the Mid West Trophy today in lovely weather and friendly spirit. Unfortunately Midland Vets lost the trophy by 2 games to 5, losing for the first time in 4 years.

Midland Vets Vice-Captain Winnie MacCallum played in the courtesy match with West Vets Captain Helen Faulds. Captain Emma is in the US with the SLGA supporting the Curtis Cup team.


Joan Blyth lost to Enid Young - 4 and 3
Fiona Farquharson lost to Marion Stewart - 2 and 1
Sheila Travers lost to June Lockhart - 3 and 1
Moira Begbie lost to Carol Fell - 3 and 2
Jean Bald beat Helen Robertson - 3 and 2
Lizee McGraw lost to Maureen Mitchell - 1 hole
Helen Campbell beat Jennifer Graham - 1 hole.

25 May 2010

Midland Vets win match against East Vets

The Midland Vets Mid handicap team (6-9 handicappers) won a tight match against East Vets today at Turnhouse. The match was played in very friendly spirit, with East being excellent hosts to our team. The result was very close, but Midland just managed to win by 4 matches to 3. Our team was supported by Captain Emma Wilson and President Liz Miskimmin and the East Vets team was supported by the Vice-Captain Noreen Fenton.
Results were
Joan Peden beat Cynthia Guthrie 3 and 1
Rosie Scott beat Anne Brownie 3 and 1
Anne Holley lost to Sheila Lyon 1 down
Ann Chisholm lost to Rita Dee 3 and 2
Alison Houston lost to Barbara Biggart 3 and 2
Normal Fleming beat Elizabeth Simpson 2 and 1
Winifred MacCallum beat Ethel Jack 3 and 2

19 May 2010

Summer Meeting - Strathmore - 22nd June

The next Midland Vets Meeting will be held at Strathmore Golf Club on Tuesday 22nd June. Entries for the strokeplay competition on Tuesday 22nd are now available. Send your entry form and payment of £10 entry fee to the Secretary by the closing date of Sunday 6th June.

The top 8 scratch scores will qualify for the Championship Matchplay which will take place from 4pm on the Tuesday afternoon, with the semi-finals on Wednesday 23rd at 10am, and the final to be held at 3.00pm that afternoon.

13 May 2010

Midland Vets win match against North Vets

Midland Vets again won the annual match against North Vets today (Thursday 13 May) by 5 games to 2 at a cold and occasionally showery Glenisla.

The results were:

Lorna Bennett beat Lynne Terry 5 & 4
Fiona de Vries lost to Kathleen Sutherland 3 & 1
Margaret Tough beat Heather Anderson 2 up
Linda Dyball beat Frances Neish 3 & 2
Linda McDonald beat Aileen Hunter 3 & 2
Gillian Wallace beat Susan Arbuckle 2 up
Sandy Bushby lost to Ann Hay 2 down

Congratulations to the Midland Team !!

29 April 2010

Spring Meeting at Glenbervie - Thursday 29 April 2010

Midland Vets had an excellent entry for the Spring Meeting at Glenbervie today (Thursday 29 April) with 89 ladies playing on the day. The weather was kind with no rain and the course was in good condition, although many ladies seemed to struggle with the greens. The CSS was Reduction Only (with a CSS of 75 which meant a reduction for only the 2 ladies who managed to shoot a nett score of less than 75)

Winner of the Allan Cup and Captain's Prize - Di Davidson (Stirling) -74 bih

1st - Fiona de Vries (St Rule) - 76
2nd - Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) - 79

Division 1 (1-12)
1st - Di Davidson (Stirling) - 90-16=74 bih
2nd - Winnie MacCallum (Falkirk) - 86-10=76 bih
3rd - Alison Houston (Milnathort) - 84-8=76
Division 2(13-20)
1st - Sylvia Mitchell (Murrayshall) - 93-16=77
2nd - Maggie Seymour (St Regulus) - 93-15=78
3rd - Rose Graham (Stirling) - 93-14=79
Division 3(20+)
1st - Eileen Harrild (Dunblane New) - 98-21=77
2nd - Patricia Cockshoot (Stirling) - 105-26=79

18 April 2010

Scots Vets Match postponed due to Volcanic Ash Cloud

The Match between the Scottish Vets (team included Lorna Bennett and Fiona de Vries) and Irish Senior Select Team has been postponed due to the cancellation of flights. For further details, see East Vets Website - http://eastvets.blogspot.com/

13 April 2010

Spring Meeting at Glenbervie - Thursday 29 April 2010

We have had a fantastic entry for the Spring Meeting at Glenbervie.
9.30 - F de Vries, L Bennett, M Tough
9.36 - W MacCallum, E Allison, A Houston
9.42 - L Dyball, C Kenny, F Liddell
9.48 - S Copland, J Mulgrew, E Milligan
9.54 - E Arkley, D Davidson, H Thomson
10.00 - D Dunn, K Jarvie, S Robertson
10.06 - L McGraw, N Morrison, F Farquharson
10.12 - F Campbell, L McAinsh, K McKellar
10.18 - M Forsyth, K McAlpine, E Perry
10.24 - S Erskine, N MacFarlane, A Leitch
10.30 - M Glennie, S Cooper, M Fairbairn
10.36 - D Reid, A Hunter, M McLeod
10.42 - S Durward, M Gordon, R Rickard
10.48 - J Knight, Y Ramage, A Hood
10.54 - E Martin, H Campbell, H Gibson
11.00 - M Hope, G Wallace, E Murrison
11.06 - E Wilson, S Bushby, J Peden
11.12 - J Bald, M Begbie, J Blyth
11.18 - I Harvey, A Wilson, L Fertacz
11.24 - Mgt Steele, I Kerr, P Cockshoot
11.30 - J Kennedy, J Pringle, A Taggart
11.36 - D Wallace, K Carruthers, M Watson
11.42 - F Glass, M Thomson, I Murray
11.48 - I Collins, L Mailer, L Childs
11.54 - S Mitchell, M Seymour, D Peterson
12.00 - J Pirie, A More, J King
12.06 - M Muncey, P Hebner, A Crossland
12.12 - M Chapman, K Booth, A Miller
12.18 - D Whytock, S Christie, J Gordon
12.24 - D Bennett, H Dalgleish, G Haines
12.30 - S Trvers, M Macrae, R Graham
12.36 - A McBay, M Brown, P Kelly
12.42 - N Hunter, E Miller, A Buchan
Or click this link Click for draw

7 March 2010

Scottish Vets Match vs Ireland

The match for The Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy takes place annually between the SVLGA and an Irish Senior Select team. This year it will take place at Portmarnock Links on 18 & 19 April. Midland Vets Lorna Bennett and Fiona de Vries have been selected to play. The team consists of:
  • Heather Anderson (North)
  • Lorna Bennett (Midland)
  • Fiona de Vries (Midland)
  • Helen Faulds (West)
  • Noreen Fenton (East)
  • Alex Glennie (West)
  • Mary Smith (Highland)
  • Moira Thomson (East)
The team Captain is Pamela Williamson

2 March 2010


Although the weather may not suggest golf at present, it is not long until the first Midland Vets Golf Meeting - the Spring Meeting at Glenbervie on Thursday 29th April. By now, all members should have received their Fixture List and Competition Entry Forms, so send off your entries for the Glenbervie meeting to the Secretary as soon as possible. For those who have requested entry forms for Blairgowrie, these will be sent to you later this week. Please complete and return to the Secretary in time for the draw to be made at Glenbervie.

16 January 2010

Emma is elected as SLGA President

Our Midland Vets Captain, Emma Wilson, was today (Saturday 16 January) elected as President of the SLGA. Congratulations to Emma and all our best wishes for an enjoyable and successful term of office

Midland Vets Lorna Bennett and Sandy Bushby were also elected to the Board of Directors of the SLGA. Lorna is the East Division Representative and Sandy is the North Division Representative. Congratulations to you both.