30 November 2012

Congratulations to Liz Fertacz

The Midland Vets would like to congratulate Vice Captain Liz Fertacz on her engagement to Ron Dow.

24 October 2012

AGM - Wednesday 24th October

The AGM was held at Balbirnie Golf Club on Wednesday 24th October.  The sun was shining and the autumn colours seen through the clubhouse windows were magnificent.  The course looked very inviting - however, the Midland Vets were meeting for business!

Captain Winifred reported on a wet, but successful year with only one of our competitions being postponed due to the weather.  Competition entries remain healthy and all our members report that they really enjoy their golf with the Vets.   Neither our inter-district teams or our international teams had their best results this year - better luck next year!  We did win the (sharing with West), the Lyon Trophy - the inter-district trophy at the SVLGA Meeting at Blairgowrie - and Midland Vets featured strongly in the prize list.

For 2013, Alison is stepping down as Secretary, having served 3 years, and Sandy Bushby (Blairgowrie) has agreed to take on this post.  Rose Graham retires, having also served for 3 years, and the new committee member for Stirling & Clackmannan is Linda McAinsh (Alloa).

For the Minutes of the 2012 AGM, Click here

After the business of the meeting was concluded, the trophies and prizes were presented by Captain Winifred.  Midland Vets champion, Kathleen Webster proposed a Vote of Thanks.  An excellent buffet lunch was enjoyed by all.

2012 Prizewinners - Margaret Tough, Dot Whytock, Winifred MacCallum, Kathleen Webster, Alison Houston, Emma Wilson, Linda Dyball

15 October 2012

Midland Vets AGM

The Midland Vets AGM will be held at Balbirnie Park Golf Club on Wednesday 24th October at 11.30am.  The meeting will be followed by a buffet lunch at a cost of £12.

All Midland Vets - playing members and Associates - are welcome to attend.  It is a good chance to catch up with friends in the Vets and to chat in a non-golfing setting.  If you have not already done so, please let Alison (Secretary) know that you are intending to come as it helps the caterer to have an idea of numbers attending.

And remember.  As last year, you can pay your subscription for 2013 at the AGM.    The subscription is £12 - no change from last year. Cash or cheques are acceptable.  Your receipt will be sent out with your Fixture List early in 2013.

Hope to see you next Wednesday.

1 October 2012

Senior Home Internationals - Elie Golf Club

The Senior's Home Internationals are taking place this week at Elie Golf Club
On Tuesday 2nd October Scotland play Wales
On Wednesday 3rd October Scotland play England
 On Thursday 4th October Scotland play Ireland

Please do come along and support the Scottish Team, including Midland Vets Lorna Bennett, Fiona de Vries and Heather Anderson.  Wear purple sweaters if possible!

The morning foursomes start at 8.30am.

27 September 2012

Midland Vets Committee Outing

The committee held their annual committee outing at Falkirk Carmuirs on Wednesday (26th September).  Thank you to Winifred for organising the day - we had great fun with dry weather overhead, even if the course was a little wet underfoot!

18 September 2012

SVLGA Blairgowrie - Tuesday Greensomes

Congratulations to Emma Wilson and Alison Houston who won the Beddows Quaich for the best nett score and the Tony Moffat Quaich for the best scratch score over Blairgowrie Lansdowne today.  Emma and Alison scored 82 less 8.8 = 73.2 beating Eleanor Anton and Mary Burgess from North Divison by .6!  They also beat fellow Midland Vet members Heather Anderson and Gillian Wallace for the scratch trophy on the better inward half as Heather and Gillian also scored 82.  The weather was sunny and bright today, an improvement on Monday afternoon, and all enjoyed their 2 days at Blairgowrie.

17 September 2012

SVLGA Blairgowrie Autumn Meeting

Midland Vets had a successful day at Blairgowrie today (Monday) in the SVLGA Autumn Meeting.  Midland Secretary Alison Houston won the Patrick Rosebowl for the best nett score of 72 on the bih from Anna Telfer of West Vets.  Joyce Murdoch was 4th with 73.  Midland Vets have won this trophy for the last 3 years (Heather Anderson won in 2011 and Moira Begbie won in 2010).  Previous winners include Winifred MacCallum, Sheila Travers and Muriel McPherson. 

Combining Alison and Joyces's scores with nett scores of 77 from both Emma Wilson and Norma Fleming, Midland were joint winners with West Vets of the Lyon Trophy for the best 3 nett scores from any Division.  The CSS for the day was 76.

Joyce, Emma and Alison (Norma not present)
Yesterday our Midland Vets Champion, Kathleen Webster was beaten in the quarter final by Liz Campbell of the Borders on the 18th hole.  The overall SVLGA Champion is May Hughes of West who beat Ruth Brown of East in the final in some very wet conditions this afternoon.

7 September 2012

Autumn Meeting at Alloa Schawpark on Friday 7th September

74 Midland Vet Ladies enjoyed the parkland course of Alloa for their Autumn Meeting.  Though the day started with a little drizzle, and there was one shower of rain, the day was pleasant and warm.  The course was in reasonable condition considering the amount of rain we have had and, as always, some of our members managed to master the conditions, and returned good scores.  The CSS for the competition was 75 (SSS 72, Par 73).

The winner of the Patrick Rosebowl (awarded for the best scratch score), on a very tight countback from Linda McDonald, with a score of 79, was Linda Dyball

The winner of the 'Owl' Trophy (for younger Vets aged under 65!) was Dorothy Whytock with 93-19=74.  The winner of the Senior Trophy (for the rest of the Vets) was Midland Vets Captain - Winifred MacCallum with 83-11=72

Scratch - L Dyball(Pitreavie)- 79
Handicap Division 1
1 - W MacCallum (Falkirk) - 83-11=72
2 - L McDonald (Ladybank) - 79-5=74
Handicap Division 2
1 - D Whytock (King James VI) - 93-19=74
2 - L McCainsh (Alloa) - 88-13=75 bih
Handicap Division 3
1 - G Jenkins (Tulliallan) - 100-25=75

27 August 2012

AGM - 24th October

The Midland Vets AGM will take place on Wednesday 24th October at Balbirnie Golf Club at 11.30am with lunch to follow.  All welcome.  Sign up at Alloa, or e mail Alison if you are able to come.  Thank you.

Draw for Autumn Meeting at Alloa Golf Club on Friday 7th September

Draw for the Autumn Meeting at Alloa Golf Club on Friday 7th September
9.15 - L McAinsh, J Mulgrew, J King
9.22 - F Campbell, W MacCallum, E Leisk
9.30 - C Malcolm, G Jenkins, M Glennie
9.37 - D Reid, V Purdie, M Steele
9.45 - E Perry, K Jarvie, J Hillis
9.52 - A Miller, J Smith, S Travers
10.00 - J Blyth, M Begbie, A Houston
10.07 - K Webster, S Quinn, R Scott
10.15 - C Farmer, K Keir, F Liddle
10.22 - L McDonald, C Kenny, G Wallace
10.30 - M Tough, L Dyball, E Allison
10.37 - C Steedman, B Brown, L McGraw
10.45 - J Lang, S Hartley, I Harvey
10.52 - L Fertacz, E Wilson, J Bald
11.00 - E Arkley, L Milligan, V Milne
11.07 - D Whytock, S Durward, M Hunter
11.15 - L Mailer, H Gibson, D Dunn
11.22 - J Lawson, M Chapman, P Kelly
11.30 - J Beaton, I Robertson, P Cockshoot
11.37 - J Connelly, H Dalgleish, A McGregor
11.45 - A Hampton, A McLanaghan, S Christie
11.52 - S Johnston, R Graham, S Mitchell
12.00 - H Lang, P Hebner, A Crossland
12.07 - L Cunningham, D Peterson, M Macrae
12.15 - E Mathewson, S Service,
12.22 - F Glass, M McPherson
12.30 - J Nisbet, C Reekie, C Webb
12.37 - M Muncey, L Jones, S Ogg

Or download the draw here

Please contact Alison on 01577 866898 or 07714 245173 or e mail at alisonmhouston@yahoo.co.uk if you think you have been either ommitted or included in the draw in error, or for any other queries.  Due to many entries being carried forward from the re-scheduled Spring Meeting for ladies who were unable to play on 23rd August, there may be some anomalies!

23 August 2012

Re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder - 23rd August 2012

84 Midland Vets enjoyed very pleasant conditions today for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder.  There were only a few very light showers, and those out later in the day managed to play round with no rain at all!  We all had the added bonus of a free viewing of the Johnnie Walker pros playing the 16th hole on the PGA Centenary Course.  We might even feature on the TV?!

The competition was Reduction Only with a CSS of 73 - for those who played well enough to merit a reduction in their handicap (Margaret T, Heather, Fiona and Margaret H) - well done!

Winner of the Allan Cup and Captain's Prize - Margaret Tough - 70.

Scratch Winner - Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) - 74
Scratch Runner-Up - Fiona de Vries(St Rule) - 75
Division 1
1 - Margaret Tough(Falkirk) - 75-5=70
2 - Sandy Bushby(Blairgowrie) - 83-10=73
3 - Sheila Hartley(Braehead) - 84-10=74 bih
Division 2
1 - Margaret Hunter(Blairgowrie) - 88-16=72
2 - Liz Fertacz(Blairgowrie) - 87-14=73
3 - Helen Campbell(Pitreavie) - 88-14=74 bih
Division 3
1 - Ann Lunan(Ladybank) - 95-21=74
2 - Kate McAlpine(Dunblane) - 97-21=76

Thank you to Auchterarder for their hospitality.  Ladies, remember to get your entries in for the Autumn Meeting at Alloa Schawpark on Friday 7th September - the closing date is this Sunday 26th August.  Also remember that our AGM is on Wednesday 24th October at Balbirnie Golf Club.  If you haven't already let us know that you can come, please sign up at Schawpark on the 7th September, or drop Alison an e mail at alisonmhouston@yahoo.co.uk

Please also note that a sand wedge was lost during the day, probably at the 12th green.  If anyone has picked it up meaning to hand it in, and has mistakenly taken it home, please contact Jaci Connally on 01337 830085.  It is a Callaway X20 Sand Wedge.  Thank you.

15 August 2012

Draw for Re-Arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August

Here is the draw for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder
9.20 - J Muir, F Glass, C Irving
9.28 - L Childs, L McGraw, L Fertacz
9.36 - J Peden, M Curran, W MacCallum
9.44 - K Webster, M Tough, G Wallace
9.52 - H Anderson, L Dyball, L McDonald
10.00 - N Fleming, A Chisholm, F Liddle
10.08 - J Murdoch, E Hutcheon, S Bushby
10.16 - D Peterson, J Smith, J King
10.24 - E Wilson, M Begbie, L Fleming
10.32 - M Wilson, J Blyth, C Steedman
10.40 - N McLaren, O O'Sullivan, A Miller
10.48 - L Sommerville, V Purdie, J Hillis
10.56 - L McAinsh, M McPherson, F Campbell
11.04 - H Campbell, D Dunn, L Kyle
11.12 - J Knight, E Perry, C Reekie
11.20 - M Muncey, B Macleod, R Didcock
11.28 - K McKellar, M Glennie, C Malcolm
11.36 - A Hampton, M MacLeod, M Seymour
11.44 - S Johnston, S Travers, S Hartley
11.52 - A More, E Matthewson, M Hunter
12.00 - A Buchan, C Peebles, P Kelly
12.08 - K Keir, C Kenny, I Harvey
12.16 - L Jones, A Lunan, S Ersking
12.24 - S Yuill, A Crossland, P Cockshoot
12.32 - A Hood, J Connally, E Arkley
12.40 - S Robertson, S Service, L Milligan
12.48 - K Jarvie, A Hunter, K McAlpine
12.56 - J Gordon, R Graham, G Haines
13.04 - S Durward, J Nisbet, A McGregor
13.12 - E Wallace, A Houston, J Mulgrew
Or look at the draw here:  Draw

Hopefully all those who wish to play in this re-arranged meeting have been included, and those who were not able to play at the re-arranged date have not, but if there are any problems with the draw, please contact me(Alison) at 07714 245173 and I will try and accommodate you.

13 August 2012

Re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder - 23rd August

The draw for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August will be published on Wednesday 15th August on this web site.

The closing date for the Autumn Meeting at Alloa is Sunday 26th August, so please send in your entries soon.  Entries to Alison, 6 Craigowmill, Kinross, KY13 0RT.

9 August 2012

Scottish Vets at the Hirsel

The Scottish Vets ended the Vets Jamboree at the Hirsel in 4th position.  The North of England won the Miller Stirling Salver by beating the South of England today by 5.5  to 3.5.   North had beaten each of the other three teams over the three days.  South of England were second and won the Tony Moffat Quaich. Midlands took third place.

8 August 2012

Midland Vets play in Scottish Vets Team at Hirsel

Lorna and Fiona
Fiona de Vries, Lorna Bennett and Heather Anderson are part of the Scottish Vets Team playing in the Vets Jamboree at the Hirsel this week.  Scotland was beaten today by South 3-6 having lost yesterday to North 4-5.  Good luck tomorrow!

The gallery watches Heather play the 18th

Emma and Liz supporting the Scottish team

6 August 2012

Re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on 23rd August

The draw for the re-arranged Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August will be made this weekend and published early next week.

If there are any last minute entries (or withdrawals!) please let Alison know as soon as possible - 01577 866898.  Thank you.

30 July 2012

Results of Greensomes at Linlithgow - Monday 30th July

The Midland Vets enjoyed the Summer Greensomes Meeting at Linlithgow today.  It didn't rain - in fact the sun shone and the 30 couples playing had wonderful views over the Forth Valley from the vantage points of the many hills!

The Winners of the Stableford Greensomes were Emma Wilson(Elie & Earlsferry) and Linda McDonald(Ladybank) with an excellent score of 37 points.  Emma and Linda were also the winners in 2011 - will there be a hat-trick in 2013?

Runners up were Moira Begbie(Ladybank) and Janice Lang(Blairgowrie) with 36 points and a better inward half from Sandy Bushby(Blairgowrie) and Alison Houston(Milnathort).

Ladies - remember that Heather, Lorna and Fiona are playing in the Vets Jamboree at the Hirsel next week.  Support would be much appreciated.

Also note that the re-arranged Spring Meeting will take place at Auchterarder on Thursday 23rd August.  The draw will be made on the weekend of 15th August, so if you don't have an entry in, whether you were in the original draw or not, send it now to Alison Houston, Secretary.

23 July 2012

Midland Vets in Senior Scottish Team and Senior Vets Team

The team to represent Scotland in The European Senior Ladies' Team Championship at Lugano, Switzerland from September 4th - 8th under the captaincy of Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) includes 3 Midland Vets.  The team is:
Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Alison Bartlett (Royal Dornoch)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)
Mary Smith (Tain)
The team to represent the Scottish Vets in their annual Jamboree against the English regions - this year hosted by Scotland at the Hirsel from August 7th - 9th and also under the captaincy of Helen Faulds(West) includes the same 3 Midland Vets.  The team is:
Heather Anderson (Midlands)
Alison Bartlett (Highland)
Lorna Bennett (Midlands)
Fiona de Vries (Midlands)
Alex Glennie (West)
Janice Paterson (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Linda Urquhart (North)
Congratulations to Heather, Lorna and Fiona and the best of luck!

Any Midland Vets who would be able to support the team at the Hirsel will be very welcome.

18 July 2012

Draw for Greensomes at Linlithgow

Here is the draw for our Greensomes at Linlithgow on Monday 30th July 2012:
9.15 - J Gordon J Pringle/O O'Sullivan & A Leitch;
9.25 - M Frame & S Durward / M Glennie & L Kyle
9.35 - R Scott & J Bald / A Houston & S Bushby
9.45 - S Dixon & F Scott / A Crossland & E Wallace
9.55 - J Ritchie & M Malcolm / F De Vries & I Harvey
10.05 - M Chapman & P Hebner / M Dingwall & R Rickard
10.15 - J Mulgrew & E Leisk / L McGraw & S Robertson
10.25 - S Christie & D Wallace / H Dalgleish & S Mitchell
10.35 - A Hampton & S Johnston / S Cooper & D Davidson
10.45 - J Lawson & E Hutcheon / M McLeod & P Kelly
10.55 - H Gibson & C Peebles / M Muncey & C Reekie
11.05 - M MacPherson & C Webb / A Hood & S Erskine
11.15 - H Lang & M McRae / L Fleming & M Wilson
11.25 - L Fertacz & H Anderson / S Service & E Harrild
11.35 - J Muir & K McAlpine / M Begie & J Lang
11.45 - A More & B Brown / E Wilson & L McDonald
11.55 - R Graham & S Quinn / L McAinsh & V Purdie
12.05 - W MacCallum & M Tough

Or download the draw here

9 July 2012

Heather wins Scottish Senior Title

Hearty congratulations to Midland Vet Heather Anderson(Blairgowrie) who has won the Scottish Senior Women's Amateur Match Play Championship at Kemnay Golf Club.  Heather was  playing in the final for the fourth successive year, and beat first-time finalist Janice Paterson(Drumpellier) by 4 and 3.  Heather previously won the match-play title at Kinross in 2009 and was runner up in 2010 and 2011.

In the handicap competition, Midland Vet Gillian Wallace(also of Blairgowrie) reached the semi-final, to be beaten by Leigh Duff(Cathkin Braes) at the 19th.  Midland Vets Margaret Tough(Falkirk) and Elaine Allison(Stirling) qualified for the scratch matchplay, but were beaten in the first round  - Margaret by Alex Glennie(Kilmarnock Barrassie)and Elaine by Janice Paterson.  Fiona Farquharson(King James VI) qualified for the handicap matchplay but was beaten in the first round by Sheena McDonald(Buchanan Castle).

Congratulations to these Midland Vets for performing so admirably on the National stage.

5 July 2012

Greensomes at Linlithgow - Monday 30th July

Our next competition is the Midland Vets Greensomes at Linlithgow on Monday 30th July.  This will be a fun day (no rain?).  Send in your entries to Alison Houston by the closing date of Sunday 15th July.

26 June 2012

Kathleen wins Midland Vets Championship

Captain Winifred presents
 Kathleen with the Championship Trophy
Congratulations to new Midland Vet Kathleen Webster (Ladybank) who today won the Championship Title at Burntisland Golf House Club, beating Gillian Wallace (Blairgowrie) 4 & 3.  Kathleen had beaten Margaret Tough (Falkirk) in the morning at the 20th hole, and Gillian had beaten Linda Dyball at the 19th hole (2 very tight semi-finals!).  How the weather can change - beautiful sunshine with a fresh breeze in the morning, with cooler, and then cold, windy and wet conditions later in the afternoon.  Thank you to the gallery who came out to support the players - many more than in previous years!

Linda Dyball aced her tee shot on the 5th hole in her semi-final against Gillian.  Congratulations Linda on your 4th hole in one and thank you for for the celebratory drinks!
Finalists Gillian & Kathleen on the 1st tee
Some of the gallery for the final!

Semi-finalists Gillian & Linda
Semi-finalists Kathleen & Margaret
Beautiful views of Burntisland and the Forth from the 9th green

25 June 2012

Summer Meeting at Burntisland - 25th June

Midland Vets enjoyed an excellent day at Burntisland today.  The course is very scenic with fabulous views of the Forth, Edinburgh and the Bridges.  It was in great condition and we picked a beautiful sunny day (at last!).    The meeting also served as the qualifier for the Midland Vets Championship (see below).
The CSS was 71

The winner of the Donaldson Quaich was Alison Houston of Milnathort with a nett score of 65. Results are:
1st – Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) - 71
2nd – Kathleen Webster (Ladybank) – 75
Handicap Div 1 (0-12)
1st – Alison Houston (Milnathort) 75 -10=65
2nd – Shelagh Quinn (Stirling) 78 -7=71 bih
3rd – Ann Chisholm (Dunfermline) 80-9=71 bih
Handicap Div 2 (13-20)
1st – Rose Graham (Stirling) 86 -15= 71
2nd – Dorothy Whytock (King James VI) 90 -18=72 bih
3rd – Elma Leisk (Stirling) 85-13=72 bih 
Handicap Div 3 (21+)
1st – Clara Webb (Pitlochry) 93-23=70

Qualifiers for the Midland Vets Championships
1. Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) - 71
2. Kathleen Webster (Ladybank) - 75 bih
3. Alison Houston (Milnathort) - 75
4. Linda McDonald (Ladybank) -78 bih
5. Gillian Wallace (Blairgowrie) - 78
6. Margaret Tough  (Falkirk)- 80
7. Joyce Murdoch (Burntisland)- 82
8. Linda Dyball (Pitreavie)- 83 bih

Fiona de Vries, Shelagh Quinn & Ann Chisholm were unavailable for the matchplay

Midland Vets Championship - Quarter-Finals
Linda Dyball bt Heather Anderson 2 & 1
Gillian Wallace bt Linda McDonald 4 & 3
Margaret Tough bt Alison Houston 2 & 1
Kathleen Webster bt Joyce Murdoch

The semi-finals will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 26th June) at 9.45 at Burntisland.
9.45 - Linda Dyball vs Gillian Wallace
9.55 - Margaret Tough vs Kathleen Webster.

The final will take place in the afternoon at about 2.30pm

12 June 2012

Summer Meeting - Burntisland - Monday 25th June 2012

Here is the draw for the Summer Meeting - Donaldson Quaich and Midland Vets Championship - which will be held at Burntisland on Monday 25th June. Quarter finals of the Championship will be held on the afternoon of Monday 25th, semi-finals on the morning of Tuesday 26th and the final will be at 2.45pm on Tuesday 26th June.
9.15 - H Anderson, F de Vries, K Webster
9.23 - M Tough, L Dyball, L McDonald
9.31 - G Wallace, A Chisholm, N Fleming
9.39 - S Quinn, R Scott, C Steedman
9.47 - S Bushby, A Houston, F Liddle
9.55 - J Murdoch, E Wilson, J Blyth
10.03 - M Curran, M Hope, M Begbie
10.11 - J Lang, W MacCallum, S Hartley
10.19 - J Ritchie, J Bald, L Fertacz
10.27 - E Leisk, S Robertson, J Smith
10.35 - H Gibson, E Mathewson, J Mulgrew
10.43 - A More, M McPherson, J Muir
10.51 - R Graham, D Peterson, A Leitch
10.59 - D Davidson, D Dunn, A McGregor
11.07 - E Arkley, K McKellar, M Chapman
11.15 - S Durward, A Miller, D Whytock
11.23 - J Hillis, C Malcolm, D Reid
11.31 - S Christie, J Gordon, K Jarvie
11.39 - J Nisbet, M Steele, H Dalgleish
11.47 - S Mitchell, M MacRae, H Campbell
11.55 - S Ogg, E Perry, J Knight
12.03 - L Jones, R Didcok, C Reekie
12.11 - C Webb, J Beaton, I Robertson
12.19 - H Lang, S Yuill
12.27 - M Muncey, P Hebner

5 June 2012

Midland Vets draw with West Vets - West retain the Trophy

Midland Vets drew 3.5 to 3.5 at Ranfurly Castle today (Tuesday) which means that West Vets retain the Midwest Trophy
Moira Begbie lost to Carol Fell                1 down
Bev Brown lost to Enid Young                  4 & 2
Janice Lang halved with Sandra Gilchrist
Elma Leisk beat Cathy Morton                 5 & 4
Liz Fertacz beat Anne Aitken                  1 up
Joyce Mulgrew lost to Maureen Cook       6 & 5
Rose  Graham beat Rena Simpson           6 & 4

22 May 2012

Match vs East for Friendship Quaich

Midland Vets unfortunately lost the Friendship Quaich (presented by the late Liz Miskimmin) to East Vets at Murrayfield Golf Club on Monday 21st May.  The score was 4.5 to 2.5.
1.  Joan Peden lost to Anne Brownlie 2/3 
2.  Dawn Butchart halved with Sheila Lyon
3. Christine Steedman lost to Norma Richmond 2/3
4.  Sandy Bushby lost toElinor Blair 3/4
5.  Emma Wilson lost to Ray Lynch 3/4
6.  Marie Curran bt Alice Archbold 1 up
7.  Sylvia Copland bt Caroline Kinnaird 4/3

10 May 2012

Match vs North at Glenisla

The match between Midland Vets and North Vets took place today (Thursday 10th May) at Glenisla and the result was a half.  As North had won the cup last year, they retained the trophy. 

Linda Dyball lost to Linda Urquhart 6 and 5
Heather Anderson halved with Kathleen Sutherland
Lorna Bennett lost to Jill Harrison 1 hole
Margaret Tough beat Susan Arbuckle 6 and 5
Fiona de Vries beat Ann Smart 3 and 1
Kathleen Webster lost to Lynne Terry 4 and 3
Elaine Allison beat Kathleen Esslemont 5 and 3

All credit to both teams who played in very cold and wet conditions.

Midland Vets team (with Captain Winifred)

North Team (with Captain Ros)

30 April 2012

Liz Miskimmin Am Am at Dunblane

There are still a few places available for the Liz Miskimmin Am Am to be held at Dunblane on Monday 4th June.  Times available are 830, 8.40, 10.10, 3.50, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.40, 4.50 , 5.00pm.  Please telephone Fran Liddle on 01786 821404 or Miriam Wilson on 01764 682323 for an application form for a team of 4.

If you are unable to play, but would like to donate a tombola prize, please hand the prize in to any Dunblane lady, or telephone Miriam Wilson at the number above.

26 April 2012

Team Matches

Midland Vets are looking for volunteers to play in 2 team matches.

On Monday 21st May we play for the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Quaich against East Vets at Murrayfield.  Handicaps required are between 6 and 9.

On Tuesday 5th June we play against the West Vets at Ranfurly Castle.  Handicaps required are 10 - 15.

These matches are great fun and a good chance to play a different, prestigious, course.  If you are eligible and available to play, please contact Captain Winifred MacCallum on 01324 713902 or e mail winifred.maccallum@googlemail.com .

Spring Meeting

Unfortunately, the Spring Meeting which was scheduled to take place today(26th April) at Auchterarder, was cancelled as the course was closed.  Auchterarder has had heavy rainfall, and the course has been closed several times, including yesterday, due to flooding. 

We are obviously very disappointed to have had to cancel the competition, but we have managed to reschedule the 'Spring' Meeting for THURSDAY 23rd AUGUST, again at Auchterarder.  Hopefully all those who were entered today (104 ladies) will be able to play on the re-arranged date, and we will keep your entry and your entry fee.  But please confirm with Alison(Secretary) that you are able to play  -  01577 866898 or e mail alisonmhouston@yahoo.co.uk.  For those not able to play on the new date, please contact Alison  and she will either refund your entry fee, or transfer it to another competition.  If you were not able to enter today's competition, but are able to play on the 23rd August, please send in a competition entry slip and £12 fee as normal (closing date - Sunday 12th August).

A new draw will be done about 2 weeks before the competition.

17 April 2012

Draw for Spring Meeting

We have an excellent entry of 104 ladies for the Spring Meeting at Auchterarder on Thursday 26th April
9.20 - L McGraw, W MacCallum, S Travers
9.28 - L Fertacz, F Glass, M Curran
9.36 - J Muir, M Ewen, L Childs
9.44 - K Webster, M Tough, G Wallace
9.52 - E Allison, H Anderson, L Dyball
10.00 - N Fleming, L McDonald, J Peden
10.08 - A Houston, A Chisholm, F Robertson
10.16 - J Murdoch, F Liddle, E Hutcheon
10.24 - C Steedman, S Bushby, E Wilson
10.32 - R Scott, J Blyth, M Hope
10.40 - A Miller, J Lawson, O O'Sullivan
10.48 - D Peterson, V Milne, J King
10.56 - V Purdie, L McAinsh, J Smith
11.04 - F Campbell, A Moffat, M McPherson
11.12 - A Wilson, L Kyle, D Dunn
11.20 - A Leitch, E Arkley, K McKellar
11.28 - C Malcolm, M Glennie, N McLaren
11.36 - A Hampton, D Reid, L Sommerville
11.44 - S Johnston, H Thomson, M Thomson
11.52 - H Lang, R Didcock, S Yuill
12.00 - M MacRae, A More, J Mulgrew
12.08 - H Campbell, E Matthewson, M Wilson
12.16 - C Webb, A Buchan, L Jones
12.24 - J Knight, J Connally, C Peebles
12.32 - N Gray, A Crossland, P Cockshoot
12.40 - A Lunan, N MacFarlane, P Kelly
12.48 - S Robertson, M Fairbairn, C Irving
12.56 - J Bald, M Forsyth, S Service
1.04 -  K Jarvie, A Hood, B Macleod
1.12 -  D Whytock, S Erskine, S Ogg
1.20 - M Chapman, S Cooper, K McAlpine
1.28 -  M Hunter, S Durward, D Davidson
1.36 -  L Milligan, M Seymour, A McGregor
1.44 - J Ritchie, L Mailer, I Harvey
1.52 - L Cunningham, B Brown, J French

For late entries, or any queries, contact Alison Houston (01577 866898)

Scots lose to Irish

The Scots Vets lost the match with the Irish Vets at Hilton Templepatrick, Belfast.  Irish Vets retain the Mary McKenna Trophy with an overall score of 9.5 to 2.5.  The Scots halved the pairs on Sunday with 2 matches each, but lost 7.5 - 0.5 in the singles yesterday.  Midland Vets were represented by Elaine Allison, Heather Anderson and Lorna Bennett.

31 March 2012

Spring Meeting at Auchterarder - Thursday 26th April

The season has started, and our first competition - the Spring Meeting - is at Auchterarder on Thursday 26th April.  Please note that the Closing Date for entries is Sunday 15th April, so send in your entry as soon as possible to the Hon Secretary.   The entry Fee is £12.  A great chance to meet up with golfing friends from all over the Midland Region.

12 February 2012

Vets Team for Match vs Irish - 14th/15th April

3 Midland Vets have been selected for the Mary McKenna Match against the Irish Senior Select Team at Hilton Templepatrick GC Belfast, on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th April 2012.

Elaine Allison (Midland)
Heather Anderson (Midland)
Karen Ballantyne (East)
Alison Bartlett (Highland)
Lorna Bennett (Midland)
May Hughes (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Linda Urquhart (Northern)
Anne Ryan (Highland)
Jill Harrison (Northern)
Alex Glennie (West)

Captain - Helen Faulds
Vice captain - Noreen Fenton

Congratulations ladies, and best of luck!

15 January 2012

Curtis Cup

Have you made plans yet to attend the Curtis Cup - from 8th - 10th June at Nairn Golf Club?  Information about this exciting event can be accessed on Facebook -   via this link or from the LGU website. There are already almost 200 people who 'like' the Curtis Cup page.